SBB 420 306 (SBB Re420)

The line from Neuch√Ętel to the french town of Pontarlier runs trough the scenic but remote Areuse gorge. Once built as an important international connection between France and Switzerland it was never that important. The roadbed was prepared for double track since the beginning but never saw the second track built. Nowadays on the lower part to Travers there are freuquent regional trains, the upper part sees only a handful of passenger trains a day. Freights run once a week on saturday to the border station of Les Verrieres transporting only timber . Here we see Re 420 306 hauling such a freight in the remote and scenic Areuse gorge, returning from Les Verrieres.

264 14 100 11-06-2019
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Exposure: 1/1250
Aperture: F/7.1
Focal length: 27 mm
ISO: 320
Time: 11:20:58