SNCF 26151R (SNCF BB26000)

The TER200 service has been launched in 1991, and its success has never decreased since then, the number of liaison having increased from 6 to 20 round trips per day. The service actually consist in numberous circulations making the liaison between Strasbourg and Basel (every 30 minutes in rush hour) limited at 200km/h, the train being composed of 6, 8 or 10 corail cars (inwhich a pilot-car) and pushed or pulled by locomotives BB26000. This class of loco are initially not able to push and pull system, and the 14 engines belonging to the depot of Strasbourg have so been modified in this goal. These modification are invisible from the outside of course, except to small details : the 25kV pantographs wich is from a more recent model and differ from the usual one, and the letter "R" following the number of the loco.

One of these corail trains is viewed in Kogenheim on the early morning, moving at 200km/h in direction of Strasbourg...

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