APCC6570 CC6570 (APCC6570 CC6500)

The APCC6570 (Association pour la Préservation de la CC65700) has received from SNCF a CC6500 engine to preserve that. This one has the Arzens livery.
The association based in Avignon organize several thematic travels during the year. This one goes from Avignon to Banyuls sur Mer for "la fête des vendanges" ( grape harvest festival).

As there isn't junction rail in Banyuls' station, the train had to go to Cerbère to place the engine at the head of train for the return.

Romain O. 01-04-2018

Tranquille, tu sors du lourd pour commencer ! :-p

Fábio Pires 01-04-2018

Superb photo!